Faculty for this school consists of recognized experts in the field of augerboring.

Instruction in Theory and Practice.
The school consists of classroom lectures (modules) and hands-on practical sessions.
The field operations include two auger boring installations, performed from a shallow pit (4 feet deep) into a soil box (7 feet high) filled with varied soil types, including clay (dirt), dry sand, wet sand and gravel (crushed concrete). Steel pipe joints, 20 feet long, are used in these installations. One installation is performed with 24- inch pipe joints that require traditional welding and the other with 30-inch Permalok steel interlocking pipe.
On the last day of school, after the exam and graduation, the thrird auger boring installation may be performed from a deep pit (8 feet deep) into the ground. Attendendance is not manadtory and students who have to leave early because of travel are welecome to go. Those who stay have a real life auger boring experience.

abs2015 image5

Setup for practical session (October 2015).



Students attending practical session (October 2015).