iseleyDr TOM ISELEY is the Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of TTC. Tom has over 35 years of experience in the planning, design, and construction of underground infrastructure systems. He authored numerous publications, including trenchless technology manuals and technical papers. He is a frequent keynote speaker for pipelines and trenchless technology workshops and conferences. Tom holds a B.S and an M.B.A. from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and a Ph.D from Purdue University. Tom is a registered PE in six states. He is a member of ASCE, NASTT (one of founding directors), NUCA (was the chairman for three years), BAMI-I (the founder and chairmain). He received many professional awards, including the ASCE John O. Bickel Award in 1995, the Stephen D. Bechtel Pipeline Engineering Award in 1999, and the  Trenchless Technology Person of the Year award in 1999.


BRIAN DORWART is the Senior Consultant with Brierley Associates. He is a registered Professional Geologist and Professional Engineer in 14 states. Brian has more than 30 years of experience in the construction and engineering, where over 20 years involves design and field experience in various trenchless methods such as auger boring, horizontal directional drilling, pipe bursting, including subsurface characterization, design, cost analyses, construction management, forensics, and construction. He has served as technical expert to contractors and owners for claim negotiation and remediation for geotechnical and geological projects and as an expert consultant and witness in litigation support for tunnels, directional drills, shoreline development, landslides, and forensic studies for geologic and geotechnical cases in jury trials, hearings, and before public boards. Brian holds BA in Geology from University of Rochester and M.S. in Civil Engineering from University of Massachusetts–Amherst. He is a registered PE in 15 states and PG in New Hamphire. He is a member of many professional organizations (ASCE, SME, NASTT, AWWA, NTA, AREMA), a board member of the Northeast Trenchless Association, on the Board of Advisors of TTC, and an active member of NASTT No-Dig conferences. 

marquisBABS MARQUIS is the Construction Manager and Northeast Trenchless Project Coordinator at McMillen Jacobs Associates. Babs has over 20 years of experience in design and construction management of complex infrastructure projects for agencies, municipalities and private utility entities. He has managed numerous pipeline and tunnel construction projects, including CSO conveyance pipelines installed by tunneling, microtunneling, pipe jacking, pilot tube microtunneling, horizontal auger boring, pipe ramming and horizontal directional drilling. He has considerable construction management experience in trenchless construction methods for pipelines renewal to include rehabilitation by cured in place pipe lining, pipe bursting, inline microtunneling and slip lining. Babs has had papers on trenchless design and construction at major ASCE, NASTT conferences, municipal forums and trenchless road shows. Babs holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering and Construction Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology and has completed graduate courses in Management at University of Massachusetts in Boston. He is a registered PE in Massachusetts and a member of NASTT, ASCE, Boston Society of Civil Engineers (BSCE) and Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), and a Task Committee Member of Trenchless Installation of Pipelines (TIPS).

canonFRANK CANON is widely recognized for his expertise in drilling fluids in the utility construction field. He retired in 2015, after 40 years with Baroid Drilling Fluids, but remains active in instructing and consulting nationally and internationally. Frank started in oilfield in 1975, moved to industrial drilling in 1989 and became heavily involved in trenchless technology in 1992. He has worked with all types of nonoil field drilling, with main focus on large diameter foundation drilling and trenchless applications. Frank has been involved in R&D, seminars and field work. Frank holds BA in Teaching from Sam Houston State University. He is a member of NASTT and NUCA, and recipient of Professional Honors and Awards, including Texas Water Well Association Person of the Year (1992), Trenchless Technology Person of the Year (2001), Northeast Trenchless Association Founders Award (2010). He has been inducted into the Trenchless Technology Hall of Fame (2012).

andersonED ANDERSON is the Manager, Global Technical Services at Baroid Drilling Products. Prior to joining the Baroid IDP group, Ed had 15 years of hands-on application in oilfield and water well applications. Since joining Baroid IDP in 1995, he has been involved in all facets of Baroid IDP operations, including Water Well, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Construction and Minerals Exploration – from field operations to providing technical support and project design recommendations to Baroid field service representatives, contractors, operators, regulatory agencies and engineering consultants. He holds a B.S. in Hydrology and Water Resources Science from Tarleton State University. He is a member of National Groundwater Association (NGWA).

TREVOR GONTERMAN is the Product Manager at Permalok Corporation. He has over 12 years in the steel industry, serving in operations, logistics, purchasing, and sales management of flat products, manufactured parts, and pipe and tube in major steel distribution, service center, and mill environments. He has worked on product design and material applications for environmental, agricultural, energy, oil and gas, and construction products. At Permalok, Trevor has focused on trenchless installation methods including but not limited to auger boring, pipe ramming, pilot tube, and direct-pipe. He holds a B.S. in Economics and Finance from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. He completed the Microtunneling Short Course at Colorado School of Mines, He is a member of NASTT, AWWA, Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) and Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA).

liottiDAN LIOTTI is the CEO of Midwest Mole, Inc. Dan has been involved with the trenchless industry since he was old enough to crawl on equipment with his father Len Liotti. While he was young and through his high school and college years, he worked with his father in the shop and in the field, for Armco Boring and Tunneling and Affholder Boring and Tunneling. After graduating, he joined his father who had just started Midwest Mole and has been with the company full time for 30 years now. Dan holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Purdue University. He is a registered PE in Indiana and Kentucky, and a member of TTC, NASTT, NUCA and ASCE. Dan received the 2015 Trenchless Technology Person of the Year award.  

fisher scottSCOTT FISHER is the sales manager and technical advisor at Barbco, Inc, a company whichmanufactures horizontal earth boring machines, directional drills, auger and other related products for use in underground applications. He’s been working in this industry since 1987, and gaining experience and developing expertize in many aspects of auger boring and tunneling over the years. He helped contractors’ start-ups and has trained people in 22 different countries how to perform safe and effective auger boring and other trenchless installations.


Nick Strater NICK STRATER is an Associate and Senior Engineering Geologist with Brierley Associates.  He has over 24 years of consulting experience, and specializes in tunnel and trenchless planning, design, and construction management.  He presently serves on ASCE committees tasked with developing manuals of practice for Auger Boring, and Pilot Tube Guided Boring.  Mr. Strater has authored over 25 papers on trenchless technologies, and engineering geology.



strudwick gregGREG STRUDWICK is a safety consultant devoted to safety awareness in private industry and municipal construction. Greg has been actively involved promoting safety since 1972. He is a certified N.U.C.A. instructor and has also been certified by O.S.H.A. to teach the 10 Hour and 30 Hour O.S.H.A. programs (500 course - the basic instructor course in occupational safety and health standards in the construction industry, 502 course, and 302 course on Underground Construction and Tunneling). Greg promotes safety standards through his active membership in multiple national organizations -- The National Utility Contractors Association (N.U.C.A.), the Associated General Contractors Association (AGC), and the International Association of Foundation Drillers. 

carpenter ralph 120x160RALPH CARPENTER is a Project Manager, Industrial Sales and Trenchless at American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Ralph has over 36 years of experience in pipe and pipeline design, engineering, and sales and marketing. He is recognized as an industry expert in the use of ductile iron pipe for trenchless, Ralph routinely works with engineers and owners in the pre-bid phase of the project to insure that the trenchless design has all the elements necessary for a success. In the construction phase, he works with installing contractors either directly or through one of AMERICAN’s product engineers. His expertise is also in design, marketing and sales of concrete pressure pipe (prestressed and bar-wrapped). Ralph is a member of ASCE where he is active in the Pipeline Division serving on several trenchless committees.

boschert jeff  JEFF BOSCHERT is the President of the National Clay Pipe Institute (NCPI), a technical resource for sewer system managers and designers of gravity sanitary sewer lines. He holds a BSCE from Missouri University of Science and Technology. Jeff joined NCPI from Missouri DOT in 2004 to serve as the leader of NCPI’s trenchless initiatives and has become a leading expert in the field of pilot tube guided boring. In 2012 he took on the added responsibility of conducting research and educational outreach and is now actively working with municipalities as they rediscover the benefits of vitrified clay pipe. In addition to his work with MSTT, he represents the industry on multiple ASCE and ASTM committees. In 2013 and 2014, Jeff presented papers at the NASTT No-Dig show and the ASCE Pipelines conferences. As president of NCPI, Jeff recently completed a comprehensive update of the Vitrified Clay Pipe Engineering Manual.


LeBlanc jeff 120x160JEFF LEBLANC is the Director of Engineering for the Thompson Pipe Group, which is the licensed manufacturer of Flowtite Fiberglass Pipe for North America. He has a BS in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University and is a PE in the State of Louisiana. He has more than 18 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry, working in the design, manufacture and installation of fiberglass and polymer concrete pipelines for water, sewer and hydropower utilities. His expertise is in flexible pipe design and long-term performance of composite pipe materials. He is an active member of the ASTM committees on Plastic Products (D20) and Plastic Piping Systems (F17), and a contributing member of three ASCE Pipeline Committees (Thrust Restraint Design for Buried Pipelines, Sustainable Design of Buried Pipelines and Water Pipe Condition Assessment Guidelines

JESSADA SUNHACHAWI is the Applications Engineer at Thompson Pump. He started his professional career as a consultant at WilsonMiller, working on bid preparations, engineering calculations, and project management from inception through contract closeout. He has been with Thompson Pump for five years, working on design and implementation of various types of dewatering systems, including wellpointing, cased well systems, vacuum wells, underdrain and sock systems, foundation and tunneling dewatering, commercial and industrial pumping applications. He is also working on creation and execution of sewage bypass systems for water and waste treatment plants, stream and canal diversion, and industrial product transfer. He holds a B.S. in Computer Information Science and B.S. in Agricultural and Biological Engineering, both from University of Florida. He is a registered P.E. in Florida. Jessada is also a Pump School Instructor for Thompson Pump.