The school will provide students the knowledge and tools for competent utility investigations in accordance with accepted national standards.  

The course covers, all in the context of ASCE-38:

  • Utility System Configurations,
  • Geophysics for Finding Utilities,
  • Proper Records Research,
  • Achieving Utility Quality Levels,
  • Project Documentation, and more.


Why is compliance with ASCE-38 important? 

With the increasing use of this standard, it is inevitable that claims and cases will arise against practitioners who portray the presence and absence of utilities on project plans.  This short course will give practitioners the knowledge and tools to provide competent utility investigations in accordance with accepted national standards and to defend against claims through this knowledge and its documentation.

ASCE has recognized that Utility Engineering is a missing task discipline from our educational curriculum.  One important aspect of that discipline, Utility Risk Management for Projects, is embodied in part through the use and proper application of the ASCE 38 Standard.  Yet all too often, there is no avenue to learn the principles that govern the use of this standard. I am delighted that TTC and ASCE have begun this series of educational opportunities for those professionals and others under their direct responsible charge.” Jim Anspach, Founding Governor of ASCE’s Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute, and Chair of ASCE-38